First Dance

wedding first dance

We know how important a wedding day is - and that is why we have a special offer for fiancés. Your first dance is expression of your love and commitment, a moment that will charm your guests. We can help you make it even more beautiful.

Do not worry if you don't have your music or dance picked. During the first lesson the dance instructor chooses dance style appropriate for your needs and skills, and - if necessary - assists with the choice of a perfect song.

Flexible offer

You decide how much time you will devote to learn the dance, whether you prefer to have a completely choreographed first dance or just learn some basic steps for improvisation.

The most popular dance styles are social dances with some element of ballroom dancing (such as slow waltz or viennese waltz). However, that is no obligation - you can choose whatever dance style you like the most and we will schedule you lessons with a tutor experienced in that style.

Remember: you can dance to every song, every vision is ok - nothing is impossible. Even the most demanding ideas - such as choregraphy from "The Dirty Dancing" movie or advanced, romantic bachata - can be realized.

Answer to that question depends on several factors: your dancing experience, how complicated you want your routine to be, length of the song and whether you practise at home. On average, to prepare a wedding first dance (for approximately 2 minutes) 2-3 months are enough. However, if your vision of the first dance is more complicated (for example: "The Dirty Dancing" choreography), it is good to start your preparations 6 months before your wedding day.
For the first few lessons it is best to wear something comfortable, sports shoes are totally fine. As the final date approaches, we advise to rehearse wearing outfit similar to that on the wedding (shirt, jacket, dress and elegant shoes).
The most important factor you should take into consideration is your musical taste - there are no "good" or "bad" songs. Remember: you can dance to every song you like and we will prepare special choreography suiting you preference.
It is not necessary to have the first dance fully choreographed, you can just learn a few steps from the dance style of your choice and improvise. However it is not so easy because a man has to be a really good leader to improvise. Usually it is a safer choice to have a strict choreography as it minimizes the risk of a mistake during the dance.
On average, a couple needs 7-8 lessons to master a routine of a length of 2 minutes. However, that number is only for approximation purposes, a lot depends on you - on the choice of a song, on what you want to show and whether you practise at home. More complicated routines may take more time, simpler choreographies - even less.

Non-standard ideas

Recently more and more couples have non-standard ideas for their first dance. Below there are three examples that might inspire you, if you want something more.

  • slow + fast

For some dancing only waltz or blues is too boring, so they choose another, faster dance, for example rock'n'roll of cha cha cha. Instead of one long routine, we prepare two shorter routines for you and we mix both songs.

  • elegant + crazy

Another popular idea is to split the first dance into two parts: "for the family" and "for your friends". "For the family" your choreography is elegant and dignified, for example you dance slow waltz. After a music cut, you dance a funny, playful part that can be totally different in style, also disco, videoclip etc.

  • ballroom dance + group

As in the ideas above, you start with a slow and elegant dance. Again, we split your routine into two parts. The second part is danced with a group of friends or family. For the group routine we suggest a simple choreography in a faster pace, for example salsa.

Of course, these are just examples. Should you have any other ideas - we are open for your visions.